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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Assam Seed & Organic Certification Agency (ASOCA)

Seed Village & Training



The concerned implementing agencies distributing foundation/certified seed will provide the training on Seed Production and Seed Technology to farmers for the seed crops grown in the seed villages. The duration of the training would be three days out of which the first one day training will be given to farmers at the time of sowing of seed crop. During this training, Seed production technique, Isolation distance, Sowing practices, other agronomical practices to be followed for the given crop will be taught to the farmers. The second one-day training will be organised during flower initiation stage of the seed crop. The seed growing farmers will be trained to identify off-types, rogues and removal of these plants from the seed plots and to maintain the quality of seed production and other agronomic practices, plant protection measures and harvesting methods to be followed by farmers. The third day training will be organised or provided after harvest and at the time of seed processing to impart knowledge on seed cleaning, seed grading, seed treating, seed storage, seed packaging aspect and also on how to draw the representative seed sample for seed testing or local seed testing method to assess the germination.

Cost Structure of Training

Sl. No.ItemsAmount (Rs)
1For 50 participants one lunch and tea, biscuits twice a day for 3 days @ Rs.50/day per participant (50x3x 50)7500
2Stationery/publicity materials @ Rs.10 per participant to be supplied in local languages (500x3)1500
3Lum sum management charges for implementing agency4500
4Honorarium to resource person@Rs.300/per day for 3 days900
5Other contingency charges600

If the implementing agency feels that farmers are showing interest they can form SHG and take the assistance for setting up of Seed Processing Unit under 25% back ended credit linked subsidy scheme.