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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Assam Seed & Organic Certification Agency (ASOCA)

Seed Village & Training

Implementation Guidelines

Guidelines for Implementation of Seed Village

a) Implementing Agencies: The implementing agencies will be State Department of Agriculture, State Agriculture University, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, State Seed Corporation, National Seed Corporation, State Farms Corporation of India, State Seed Certification Agency. One implementing agency will be identified for the area/locality and will be authorised by the State Government.

b) Approach: State Government and implementing agencies will have to identify the areas of better seeds production and a compact area approach needs to be followed under this programme. Suitable responding or willing minimum 50 farmers for same crop will be identified/selected preferably in compact area/cluster approach in consultation with the concerned State Department of Agriculture by the implementing Agency. The number of farmers may be more than 50 also but subject to maximum of 150. State Govt. will ensure that the project areas of different implementing agencies are clearly and separately demarcated. It should also be ensured that area under similar programmes that are being run by the the State Government (if any) are not mixed up with project area under this scheme to avoid duplication and any misappropriation of funds.
The crop vareties normally grown in the seed villages will be decided in consultation with the farmers preferably the same crop for all the farmers.
The project area should receive the assistance for a maximum period of two years so that the identified farmers become aware of the seed production technology and after the project period of two years they are independently able to take up the seed production programme in their normal activities. After the project period of two years for a particular area if the implementing agency wants to continue with the programme new compact areas may be taken up.

c) Supply of seeds: The concerned implementing agencies will distribute the foundation/certified seeds at 50% cost to the already identified farmers. The seeds for half an acre will be allowed. The required foundation/certified seeds of the crop varieties decided/identified will be sourced from National Seed Corporation/State Seed Corporation/State Farms Corporation of India/Seed Cooperatives/State Agriculture University by the implementing agencies. For the rate purpose under this scheme, the rates of National Seed Corporation, which is operating through out the country, will be taken. An assistance of 50% will be provided on that basis only.