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Government Of Assam Department of Agriculture & Horticulture Assam Seed & Organic Certification Agency (ASOCA)


  • Seed is the basic and most critical input for sustainable agriculture. It is estimated that the direct contribution of quality seed alone to the total production is about 15-20% depending upon the crop and it can be further raised up to 45% with efficient management of other inputs.

    The Seed Industry was under developed in the country before 1960. Thereafter release of hybrid seeds in certain crops led to the increase in demand for seeds which had a catalytic effect in stimulating the development of an indigenous seed industry.

    Before the year 1985, Seed production, Seed certification and Seed Law Enforcement cell were part and parcel of Department of Agriculture under the control of Director of Agriculture.
    As there were no availability of high yielding varieties of seeds of major crops and seeds were to be purchased from outside the state, the State govt. did not find any substitution for establishment of Certification Agency because seed certification happens to be the best method of ensuring seed quality. Seed certification is a legally sanctioned system and a regulatory process to ensure and make available good quality seeds to the farming community with certain prescribed standards of genetic purity, physical purity, moisture and germination.

    Realising this, the Assam State Seed Certification Agency (ASSCA), an autonomous body was constituted by the Govt. of Assam on 1st January, 1985 under Seed Act 1966 – Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Agency is under the control of Govt. of Assam.